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Animal Control

  • Rodents
  • Mice
    Currently have RATS and MICE in your house? You know once they are in your house, they can go anywhere. You will normally find them in your kitchen looking for food. They crawl on your silverware, dishes, and counter tops. Rats and mice will eat your food. However, what is most disturbing is that they don’t have a bladder so they leave a trail of urine and feces wherever they walk. You will see the feces but won’t see the urine. Rats and mice are notorious for carrying diseases. Mice can enter any home. It normally has nothing to do with your living conditions, they just find ways to get in. With rats and mice we don’t use poisons we use kill traps. We believe it is the best way to get rid of them.
  • Rats
    Typical indications of rats include noises at night, as well as scratching noises in the attic and walls. Rats leave small droppings and dig long tunnels in insulation.  A rat problem is most often diagnosed by the recognition of large amount of droppings found in remote or secluded areas where they might be living.
  • Bats
    Bats are most readily recognized by the smell of their droppings (Guano). They are nocturnal animals and will spend daylight hours sleeping in extremely tight spaces.  Telltale signs of bat problems include the presence of Guano on the exterior of the building, usually at a possible entry point. The smell will be noticeable from a distance.  Bats form large colonies where they take up residence.
  • Squirrels
    Do the SQUIRRELS in your attic sounds like they have a race track up there? Squirrels love the attic because it provides a warm, dry safe place to live, store food, and have babies. There is an abundance of things to chew on in your attic; i.e: wires, pipes, and wood. It can be a nesting heaven. Squirrels can crawl and hide anywhere. They are aggressive chewers and will chew through drywall and electric wires causing a fire hazard. But even worse, they sometimes get trapped and die within the walls of your home, leaving behind a very pungent odor. Trapping squirrels and safely relocating them is our specialty. We professionally repair the damage they’ve caused, eliminate the odors that can potentially draw in new animals, and seal up your house so no future animal can enter.
  • Raccoons
    Are there RACCOONS in your attic or under your house? Does it sound like they are tearing your house apart? Chances are they have opened up your air-conditioned lines and pulled the pipes apart. Raccoons also leave behind lots of feces and urine which leave a foul odor to linger throughout your home which can also draw new, unwanted animals into your home.
  • Snakes
    The vast majority of snakes we deal with are non-venomous, however care must be taken during the occasional encounter with a venomous snake. The most common indicator that someone has a snake problem is after a visual encounter; however snake skin can also be an indicator. Certain species will often enter the attic or crawlspace of someone who is experiencing a rodent problem.
  • Wildlife
    While most people appreciate wildlife, it is essential to maintain an acceptable level of safety within the home or office where an animal is concerned. Our goal is to quickly and humanely address any problems our customers might have with a wild animal, and at the same time, preserve and protect the life of the animal in question. Safe and effective Wildlife Trapping and Removal plays a very important role in our success.
  • Opossums
    Opossums are very similar to Raccoons in that they leave damage to exterior entry points and their droppings are of a similar size. Opossums differ in  that they prefer to live in a low-lying area such as crawl-space.
  • Chipmunks
    Volunteer Wildlife Control is in the business of solving peoples Wildlife or Wildlife Control problems. We work though the East Tennessee Area and we have a profound love for what we do. Volunteer Wildlife Control uses proven techniques that are safe for your family and pets. Our trapping and removal services include, but are not limited to, Bats, Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Raccoons, Skunks, Opossums, Birds, Wasps and Bees. We have a commitment to providing quality and affordable wildlife control which makes us the best choice for Home Owners, Property Managers, Businesses and Government facilities. We are here to serve all of your wildlife needs.

 Wildlife Information !

    Have OPOSSUMS in your attic or under your house will not always make a lot of noise but you’ll know they’re there. Opossums may hide, die and decompose under your house leaving a very unpleasant smell. This large animal can tear through your insulation. They too, will leave their feces and urine behind. They also carry fleas and mites into your house.
  • BATS !!
  • Do you have BATS in your attic or barn? Bats are great to have around your house but not in your home. Bats are good for the environment because they eat lots of insects. The problem with having bats is they produce tons of bat guano which they leave in your attic or attic entrance. Bat guano has a very strong ammonia smell. They carry diseases like rabies and carry mites as well as other bugs on their bodies which end up in your home. We will find out where the bats are entering your house, come back at dusk watch all the bats leave for the night. (They leave at dusk to feed, then come back right before the sun comes up to spend the day in your house). When they have left, we then seal up your house so they cannot get back in. We will come back the next day clean up all the bat guano and spray to eliminate all the odors.

Bird Control

  • Birds
    BIRDS are very good about finding nooks and crannies to build nest around your house which at first does not seem like a bad thing. However they will keep nesting there year after year leaving an abundance of bird feces that can and will pile up. Unfortunately snakes can start showing up looking for the babies or eat the eggs and before you know it, you have snake and bird problems in your house. Removal of the nest either before the birds lay eggs or after the baby birds have grown is best. We then clean up the mess and seal up the area so they cannot nest in your house any more.


  • Dead Animal Removal
    It is very important to remove dead animals from inside and around your house, not only for the obvious reasons of odor and appearance, but also to protect you and your family from potential disease exposure. Similarly, failure to address the presence of a dead animal will result in additional problems, not limited to the attraction of a variety of insects and scavengers hoping to feed off the rotting remains.

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